Winter CU Farmers: How it Works

Blue Moon will be initiating a new system of purchasing produce for the winter months. December through April are months of both increased production costs (heating the greenhouses, heating the packing shed, increased labor costs etc.) and reduced production due to cold temps and shorter days. Therefore, we try to sell absolutely everything we grow in order to help our margin. We’ve tried a few different pre-sell scenarios over the years, and have decided to go all the way this year with a system of pre-pay and pre-box. This could be called a flexible CSA (community supported agriculture) model in which you order what you want, and pay on-line.

If you have ever bought anything online, this will be a familiar process. You will need to make an account in order to shop. Click on the “Shop” button at the banner at the top of the page. Once that opens, click on “Vegetables” where you see the carrot. Then, order what you want. Upon checkout, you will be prompted to create an account with a password, in order to pay with a card. Please note: you need only create this account once, the second time you order, notice the “Returning Customer” option at the top of the checkout page in order to avoid inputting your information again. You must get an order confirmation, which you should print out and bring with you. If you don’t get one, your order didn’t go through. 

The store will be open from Monday morning at 9am to Tuesday evening at 8pm. The pickup location will be at our stand at the Market In the Square. Here are the dates for these markets. They run every 2nd and 4th Saturday for the months of January through April. Our stand will be open from 9-12. Ordering opens on the Monday prior to the market. You will get an email prompt  reminding you to order on Monday.

As in the past, certain green things, such as arugula or salad mix, may sell out very quickly. Availability will constantly change for some items, whereas for spinach, carrots, potatoes, and beets, there is a good supply.

On the Saturday of pickup, you will see four long carts with black crates. Each long cart will have a sign designating which alphabet group is stacked on it. One will say “A-F” for example. Look for the cart with the first letter of your last name. If it’s easy, you can find your crate and remove your items. Please remove your order sheet and stack your empty black crate off to the side, off of the long cart. If your box is on the bottom of a stack, or you don’t feel comfortable lifting the black crates, just let one of us know that you need assistance. Please check to make sure that you have what you ordered.

Policy regarding bad weather. We won’t drive during ice storms or wicked snow storms anymore, and we don’t want you dying to come get your produce either. In the even of such weather, an alternative pick up date will be scheduled. We will try very hard to find times and places for make it possible for everyone to pick up.

Policy regarding no shows.  We don’t give refunds. The efficiency of the pickup time window is important to keeping labor costs down. However, if you fail to pick up your box because of an emergency, please contact us for a Monday pickup. If you don’t pick up your box, its contents will be donated. 

A note about pricing. Produce coming out of the greenhouse (salad, spinach, etc.) is more costly than produce from the field (carrots, potatoes, etc.), and that is reflected in a price increase. You will see a small additional bump in price to account for bagging and boxing time, and materials.

A note about plastic bags. We at Blue Moon are concerned about the impact of our plastic bags on the environment. No doubt you are too. We haven’t figured out a way to stop using them yet. We ask everyone to please reuse and recycle your plastic bags. You can recycle your bags at: Common Ground Food Coop (small quantities only, right into their recycle bin), Schnucks and Meijer. You can give us back our plastic bags, and we will reuse them. For more information about recycling in general here is a nice summation.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, we can be reached at