About Us

Cu Farmers represents a group of farmers raising vegetables, meats, poultry, eggs and goat dairy products using strict sustainable agriculture practices in central Il. The farms are: Blue Moon Farm, Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery, and Bane Family Meats. Blue Moon Farm has been raising the best certified organic vegetables in central IL for over 20 years. Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery is certified “Animal Welfare Approved,” and crafts farmstead and artisan cheeses, goat milk gelato and yogurt. Bane Family Meats raises heritage-breed beef, chicken (meat and eggs), pork, turkey, and lamb on pasture.

Cu Farmers is intended to serve folks who aren’t able to shop at the farmer’s market every week and/or those who want a convenient way to access fresh, high quality local foods during the week. We make it easy for you to order online and then pick up your order on your way home from work. By interacting directly with the farmers, you get the freshest products and you support the farmers too!